Congratulations on becoming a Pet Tech Instructor (PTI) and being part of the Pet Tech Family!

As a small business owner, we know it’s hard to market yourself. You wear enough hats running a business. Sometimes the last thing on your list is to promote yourself. Where do you even start? We’ve made it super easy to jump right in and get results, by breaking things down into two groups: Branding and Marketing.

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s get started!


Branding is about making you look professional, to stand out from the crowd. The Pet Tech brand is globally recognized as the leader in Pet First Aid, CPR & Care. As a PTI, this is something to take advantage of. Not only does it help you fill your classes, it also helps boost your profile as a pet professional.


Marketing is about one thing, growing your business. We have three types of marketing campaigns to do just that. Use our PetSaver, PT Tips, and Themed campaigns to take the guess work out of your marketing efforts. Each campaign has a variety of marketing products and a starter pack to get you promoting quick and easy. You can focus on one or do multiple campaigns at the same time.

Not sure where to start? Contact us anytime and we’ll get you on the right marketing path to fill your classes!

PetSaver marketing

Teaching pet CPR, First Aid & Care classes is at the heart of what we do. This campaign provides information about what our classes offer. We use this campaign to encourage folks to become the “ultimate pet parent” by taking our classes.

PT Tips marketing

Education is a great way to reach out and build trust with your local community. These informational campaigns are all about educating pet parents on pet safety issues. When they want to learn more, they’ll sign up for a class with their local pet safety expert!

Themed marketing

These campaigns focus on a specific theme or topic that is pet related. Sharing these topics with pet parents builds awareness to our cause through real world and social media marketing. We design each theme to encourage pet parents to sign up for our classes.